4 Ways To Gain Weight Fast

Gain Weight Fast

  1. With a healthy diet, you need to take dairy products.
  2. Add high calorie, protein, and calcium in your diet chart.
  3. You also can eat eggs, fish, crabs, meat for weight gain.
  4. Increase your food limits and eat 4-5 fruits in free time.
In today’s fast life those peoples are thin they always search tricks to gain weight and those thick they look for loose weight tricks, but you know that to become fat is useful but you need to be fit. some of the peoples try shortcuts to becoming fat, which is harmful to health.
             To increase the weight you need to follow a proper diet, in your diet vitamin’s, minerals, protein, carbohydrates should be there, with this you need to take out some time for exercise and yoga. but don’t allow junk food, fast food, and oily food in your diet and don’t use medicines they can be side effected.
 Gain Weight Fast


  1. You can easily increase your weight with healthy diet, dairy products help you to increase your weight fast, in that you can take milk, curd, butter, cottage cheese etc. these products easily and fastly helps you to grow fast.
  2. Include high-calorie protein and calcium in your diet, that increases sufficient amount of calories in your body, calories are very important for weight gain.
  3. Excess meat consuming increase fat, you can take fish. eggs, meat crabs etc. fish and meat contain fat they are important for weight gain.
  4. Dry fruits, almond are contained calories in a good amount, almond and other dry fruits you can roast them and make crunchy for snacks, this keeps you fit.
  5. If you want to increase the weight you need to increase your meal and in free time eat some fruits.
  6. In breakfast, you take almond milk or ghee that keeps you healthy and helps to gain weight.
  7. Take your dinner 2 hrs. before sleeping because food must be digested properly.
  8. Do exercise daily for 50- 60 mins. for this, you can join a fitness center.

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