10 Quick Tips For Body Care

Hello And Welcome To Millionvisitars, Every person wants to take care of their body especially. Like a machine, the machine needs a regular update and maintenance just like that our body needs a regular maintenance.

  1. Hair Care
  2. Eye Care
  3. Skin Care
  4. Hand And Feet Care
  5. Dark Spot Removing 
  6. Tips For Healthy Skin
  7. Tired And Puffy Eye Care
  8. Care Of Black Elbows & Knees 
  9. Softening Tips For Hands & feet
  10. Care For Wrinkles Around The Eye
body care tips for males and females
  • Before washing hairs gently massage the hairs, it helps to well growth of hairs long and also looks shiny.
  • To remove dandruff from hairs use coconut oil in that add juice if lemon.
  • For homemade hair conditioner takes an egg white with a yogurt, this is very beneficial conditioner.
  • For long hairs wash with tea powder water it will help to grow hairs rapidly.
  • To gets rid of eye problems eat green leafy vegetables like spinach and drink sufficient water.
  • Below the eyes gently apply almond and milk mixture.
  • Put the slices of potato or of cucumber that will help to get rid of dark circles around the eye.
  • To remove tan from skin use a mixture of egg and milk.
  • Use a moisturizer for softening skin.
  • Drink lot of water to treat all the skin problems.
  • Caring of hand and feet can help to stay away from many diseases. 
  • Use egg white as a face mask for feet.
  • Go for pedicure and manicure.
  • There are many ways of caring skin without any side effect, we just need and rose water, lime juice, and glycerine, take all these ingredients in sufficient quantity mix these ingredients and apply on skin before taking bath. keep it for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Watch a video to see benefits of drinking sufficient water
  • Sometimes we have tired and puffy eyes because of many reasons, to gid rid for this you need to have rose water if you are not having rose water you can have a rose take out a juice of rose and with the cotton ball gently apply on the eye. make a ball and with rose, water cotton rotates around the eye. left it for 10-20 minutes. this can help you to get rid of tired and puffy eyes.
  • Many of peoples are having spots on the face even on the body, for that we just need an egg yolk and curd.
  • First take out egg yolk and mix with yogurt, mix these ingredients well and on black spot skin apply for 1 hr this is a time taking the process and compulsory keep it for 1 hr but you will definitely get the results.
  • We can easily see black elbows, having a fair body but the elbows and knees are black! it does not look good. To get fair elbows and knee in your budget is that a lemon with the lime juice you can get rid of black elbows.
  • Cut the lemon in two pieces and apply on elbows and knees after applying the juice left for 20 minutes, do this for 3-4 times in a week after applying juice wash it with warm water you will get the results soon. 
  • You will not believe but this is true many of peoples are avoid care of feet if you are the from them then change your mind. 
  • We just need vinegar and curd, mix these ingredients and massage on feets, do this for 5-10 minutes after massage left it for 10-20 minutes and wash with water.
  • To get rid of wrinkles around eye we just need to have 3-4 tablespoon raw milk and 4 spoon honey. mix these ingredients well and lightly heat on the flame, apply on wrinkle area and left for 20-30 minutes after that wash it with warm water. This is a working trick that helps you to get rid of wrinkles. 

These Are Some Tips For Body Care will help you to look good.

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